Security Training Services

Our mission is to deliver the knowledge and physical assets which will increase our clients level of security by means of T.A.P.: Training, Awareness, and Prevention.

We prepare our security guards to astutely meet the unknown and unpredictable factors associated with man-made and natural threats.  It is our priority to provide our guards with the skills necessary to deal with conflict.  We have several different training levels that we provide and begins with our Entry Level Guard Certification / Floor Host which consists of the following trainings in order to become certified:

  • Successful Interview & Selection Process
  • Attends and Completes the “2 Hour Orientation Class”
  • Completes Floor Host Class
  • Completes the “4 Hour B.S.O.T. Video Training”
  • Completes the “40 Minute Customer Service Video Training”
  • 12-18 Hours of Direct Hands on Training on-site with a FTO

After becoming Entry Level Guard Certified you may advance to our Advanced Guard / Senior Floor Host Certification Level after 1 year of service or 1 year of experience and completing the following trainings:

  • Complete the 2 Hour “Advanced Report Writing” Course
  • Complete First Aid/CPR/AED Certification
  • Complete “STOP” Training
  • Complete the “Advanced Identification” Course
  • Complete “Verbal De-Escalation Training”

You can continue your training and become a Supervisor / Senior Officer by completing the following trainings:

  • Specialized Specific Skill Set Trainings
    • OC Spray
    • Handcuffing
    • NIMS/ICS
    • Narcan
  • Formal Instructor Led “Supervisor Training Video Class”
  • Completes the “Train the Trainer” Instructor Lead Training Program
  • Participate in a 3 Panel Interview Process
  • Successfully Passes the “Policy/Procedure Exam” at 80% or Higher.

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