Patrol & Mobile Security Guard Services

"How many people tried to open your door last night?"


Visibility is a powerful crime deterrent.  By their presence alone, NES Solutions armed, unarmed, uniformed and plainclothes patrol officers can enhance your employees’ safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property.  Our patrol officers are trained to notice anything out of the ordinary, and to prevent problems before they start.

We’ve designed our mobile patrol services to be a practical, reliable and cost-effective alternative to having a full-time guard on-site at all times. We will develop a security plan of action to determine the frequency at which you want your business to be patrolled.

Our Patrol & Mobile Security Guard Services will help deter criminal activity, property damage, loitering persons, along with suspisious activity.  We provide marked and unmarked vehicles, detailed reporting with our own custom security solution, and we have roaming mobile managers also on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year in case of emergency situations.

Customized Service

NES Solutions patrol services are customized to meet your unique needs.  Our patrol operations are available 24/7 to provide the continuous safety of your people and property. Our patrol personnel are trained to support you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing professional response to emergency situations.
  • Providing safety and fire watch.
  • Helping to promote a safe workplace environment.
  • Performing set patrols or random patrol patterns.
  • Serving as stand-by for water leaks, power outages, special coverage needs.
  • Conducting vehicle patrols, foot patrols, lock checks, interior and/or exterior checks and parking lot checks.
Our patrol officers help to deter vandalism, theft and trespassers on your property.  Should the need arise, our patrol personnel are trained to coordinate quick notification of local law enforcement.


Accountability is important to you and to NES Solutions.  Although a good patrol officer is always on the move, that same quality makes it challenging to track his or her actions. We provide you with detailed accounts of each patrol, including:

  • Thorough written instructions in post orders.
  • Written reports and activity logs when situations are as expected.
  • Incident reports when patrol check points are out of the ordinary.
  • Tour reports for documentation and invoice backups.

Our Technology

Our in-house custom designed technology solution allow our patrol team to record and electronically notify your business instantly of arrival and departure times, any security incidents. Every company vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking, driving statistics, and video monitoring.  All reports are encrypted and stored in our secure datacenter for you as well.

Residential Security Services

With over 300 million people now living in our country, the security needs of residential real estate have grown along with our population. At NES Solutions, we recognize the importance of adapting conventional security methods to better facilitate the many different kinds of communities we now call home. We believe in proactive services and offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions whether the property is a luxury urban high-rise building, gated suburban community, or townhome, condominium or apartment complex.

Most residential situations represent a major target of theft, vandalism, and property damage for today’s developers, owners, and managers of property, as well as homeowner associations. As a result, a highly professional level of security planning, prevention and protection is required, the kind of knowledgeable service NES Solutions already provides too many of the top residential real estate entities in the New England area.

In addition, we understand residential security requires a completely different approach from corporate and industrial protection. Residents must be able to relax and feel safe in their homes, enjoying family times without concern about their security. That’s why all of our security personnel are trained to interact with residents and guests in a positive, professional manner that makes them feel special.

As specialists in both gated community and high-rise security, North East’s staff also knows the importance of being ambassadors for our clients in each community they serve. All are highly trained, impeccably dressed, courteous and professional, in an effort to further enhance the image of your property in the residents’ eyes.

We provide each client with comprehensive guidelines for security based on a clear understanding of the property’s current needs, assessing the extent to which current security meets those needs, and where they may fall short. Working with the client, we create a strategy to reach each security objective, then implement Security Officer staffing, training, rules, and detailed post orders/scheduling.

Because of our vast experience in providing Residential Security services, we also understand a client’s concerns about making a change and the transition process. Whether assuming security responsibilities from an internal staff, augmenting the current staff’s capabilities, or replacing a prior relationship, our management team and staff are expert at quickly becoming familiar with client needs, processes, policies and systems, seamlessly and transparently, to minimize the possibility of breaches in security.


Industrial Services

Because of the importance of both the heavy industry and infrastructure sectors in our economy, security has become of vital concern especially for companies involved in or directly responsible for providing and transporting our nation’s energy resources, including oil, natural gas, nuclear power and coal. Security of these companies requires both conventional and non-traditional solutions to meet their unique safety demands.

Successfully servicing Clients for nearly 10 years, NESS has worked with a wide range of clients engaged in industrial development and production, as well as refining and manufacturing of petroleum products; transportation of finished products; and product sales. Our focus has always been to provide an integrated approach to security that provides a variety of specialized services and a proven level of reliability, meeting both the conventional and extended security needs of the industry.

The global scope and requirements of industrial facilities often involve operation and site safety hazards, public image perceptions, and a variety of other unique security challenges compared to conventional security programs.


Based on our years of extensive experience, we are able help you identify critical security issues, and provide a customized solution based on proven industry “best practices.”

We offer clients recognized expertise in developing a variety of preemptive industrial and infrastructure security solutions driven by the goal of identifying problems and issues before they arise.


Teams of security officers, supervisors and managers at Guardian are trained in the specific requirements of industrial and infrastructure security. Because of our partnership approach to working with clients, the service skills and safety training we provide our employees are gladly shared and coordinated with your staff training and quality assurance programs.


Education Services

The security challenges in keeping students and educators safe at the world’s schools, colleges and educational facilities seem more daunting each year. At NES Solutions, we identify programs, methods and strategic plans to assist institutions in achieving a safe and secure campus whether it is a preschool, high school, university or vocational college. Whether the institution is located in a sprawling suburban setting or congested cityscape.

We are charged with protecting life and property, preventing crime, controlling traffic/parking, providing general security services, responding to alarms, and investigating crimes.

NES Solutions Philosophy

It is our belief that effective security solutions for educational institutions are not something that should be “applied” to solve a particular problem. We are committed to the philosophy that a security plan needs to be totally integrated into the daily routine of all staff so that it is not intimidating or even recognizable as a separate measure.

Our experience has shown that with training and commitment, even the institutions most difficult to secure can be returned to safe educational facilities.

Schools or universities have both tangible and intangible assets to protect, but above all the students, teachers and other visitors need to be secure. We provide a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet each client’s diverse and specific needs. Our security officers help create a deterrent to illegal activities as well as a feeling and reality of safety without being oppressive or obvious.

Our goal at NES Solutions is to preserve an environment where diverse social, cultural, and academic values are allowed to develop and prosper.


Financial Services

Because cash, securities, and other monetary instruments are primary targets for theft, embezzlement, and other related crimes, today’s banks and financial institutions require an extremely professional level of security planning, prevention and protection.

We know that, traditionally, the first line of defense for financial institutions is a deterrent. We help you maintain a safe and secure environment by identifying potential risks and providing truly professional security officers.

Over the years, we have partnered with some of the area’s most highly respected financial institutions to provide professional security and threat assessment, planning, and solution development, including:


Security is a top priority for any financial institution.  NES Solutions can serve as a single-source provider for all your physical security needs.