Nightlife Security Services

Also called Floor Hosts or Doormen as an informal term for a security guard employed at venues such as bars, nightclubs or concerts to provide security, check legal age, and refuse entry to a venue based on criteria such as intoxication, aggressive behavior, or other standards. Floor hosts are often required where crowd size, clientele or alcohol consumption may make arguments or fights commonplace.

The goal of most bars, taverns and nightclubs is to provide a hospitable gathering place where patrons can have a good time, often by listening to entertainment and/or dancing, while purchasing and consuming the establishment’s primary product — alcoholic beverages. It is the latter item, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, that tends to lessen or remove inhibitions in many people, which is the frequent cause of problems for tavern and club operators. 

NES Solutions is one of the only full service training and consulting companies focusing on helping to reduce liabilities that face liquor licensed establishments and night life venues. Our Track record speaks for itself and we pride ourselves in our security installments. NES Solutions can work with a current staff, create our own staff, or hire a brand new staff depending on your establishments needs. 

Nightlife Security Services




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