Trade shows, and particularly those featuring items such as jewelry, can represent significant security risks.  They can be targets for theft, because often extremely expensive, and easily pocketed merchandise that’s left in exposed conditions.  Valuable inventories, removed from the security systems that usually protect them, can make for very tempting targets.

Often just the presence of security personnel can serve as a sufficient deterrent to would-be thieves.  However, there are some critical points where it may be necessary to have armed guards on hand.  In particular, the time of loading and unloading goods into a convention hall may represent a moment of opportunity to those probing the situation for potential weak points.

The risks don’t end there, however.  During the trade show itself, exhibitors are frequently distracted.  They may be deep in conversation with a major potential client, or an important existing client.  Even worse, a thief’s accomplice might be purposefully diverting their attention while a crime is taking place.  Whatever the case, it will not be possible for exhibitors to maintain a constant security watch over all of their merchandise, all of the time.

Having professional security in place relieves much of the stress vendors feel about exhibiting at trade shows.  For the venues and the organizers, having professional, trained and competent security on hand is a major selling point for promoting their events.  Conversely, holding an event where a major theft occurs can do irreparable harm to an organizers reputation.

How can NES Solutions help your Trade Show

At NES Solutions, we understand the importance of providing the highest level of security at your trade show or expo.  We work closely with event organizers and venues to ensure that attendees can operate in a safe and secure environment.

Our experienced security personnel has the training and knowledge to handle the full range of trade show and expo security issues.  If your need is an unarmed security presence, we provide one that’s courteous and professional.  However, we can also furnish armed guards for those critical times, when security risk factors may be at their highest.

NES Solutions has a reputation throughout the United States as being a leading provider of security services.  We’re a fully licensed and insured private safety and protection agency.  Our management team of certified law enforcement officers ensures that each employee is trained specifically for every new security assignment we receive.

But when it comes to providing security for special events, we like to think that we are the experts in the field.  Whether your trade show requires traffic management, gate attendants, ushers, or private transportation, our company is flexible enough and dependable enough to provide all of these.

Don’t find out too late that you’ve exposed yourself to unnecessary risk.  Putting your security in the hands of a less experienced and less qualified company can mean the difference in the success or failure of your event.  Make the right decision the first time and call the professionals at NES Solutions.

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