Event Management


Now if you are looking for a new way to liven up your venue, you might want to think of hiring us to plan an event. We have all the tools needed to make a really phenomenal night and create an amazing crowd for your Brand. NES Solutions has been luckly enough to be in the business for many years and with that comes a great number of amazing business relationships and friends.  We have a number of DJ’s, Entertainers, Performers, Bands, and Comedians to make any venue shine.  It doesn’t stop there, we can also get staging, lighting, sound equipment, live video streams, and much more!

If you choose to work us into your business plan we offer a full service package, start to finish. Our organizational skills are unmatched, and between the marketing, planning, throwing, and executing of our events you will find no better!  Give us an idea and we will run with it, give us a theme and we will deliver it. What ever you imagine we are capable of, and we can’t wait to show you!

PVD Event


If you are looking for ways to immediately improve your event promotions and or venue marketing let assist you. We focus on the key elements that make an event successful. A crucial component that most event promotion and marketing lacks is a good reason WHY. Telling someone to do something versus giving them a good reason to do something are two different things. NES Solutions will help you build perceived value for your event or venue before it happens.

A critical component to building VALUE for your event is effective street team marketing.  Street teams are the antidote for the “run of the mill” advertising in today’s marketplace and provide an excellent way for nightclubs and other brands to break through the clutter and reach customers one on one.  Street team success depends upon having talent, looks, and personality to match up with out guerrilla marketing style.

That’s where the NES Solutions Entertainment Crew comes in!  The NES Entertainment crew will deliver world class Marketing plans, brand building and head turning presence then any of our other competitors. We integrate a customer referral program created completely by us that makes the customers work for you, and not even realize it, and even better FOR FREE. NES Solutions always brings the exposure and the results needed to expand your business!